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    Company overview


The abbreviation of Beijing Zhengyou Network & Communication Technology Co., Ltd. is Zhengyou Network & Communication which is standardization stock company and made of Shenzhen innovation investment capital group Beijing Zhengyou Microsystems Co., Ltd. and a great number of senior excellent talents. Zhengyou Network & Communication was built in May 1994 and its headquarters is in Beijing city. There is more than 3000m2 modern office and development base. there have 180 employees. Its registered capital is 37,600,000 RMB and total asset is near two-hundreds millions RMB.


ЦЦour service points spread all over the country, and there is agency and authorized agent in big city of each provincial capital. Zhengyou Network & Communication based on ZYIC series key chip opened up the new era of China optical transmit enterprise ten years ago. With the development of ZYIC series chip, China communication manufacture corporations quickly realize the PDH national product process as a whole.

Zhengyou Network & Communication undeviatingly go to specialization development route, trail professional application and perfect to update assemble-line in ten years. The business of company gradually extends into two aspects on original foundation, the one direction, innovative R&D ,manufacture and sales; another direction: the providing of system solving scheme and system integration based on meticulous service. Our major operation is concerned with optical communication, transmission and multiuse, IP network communication , broadband application and professional video and audio frequency, network and communication system integration constructionЦЦ ,etc.. The company communication equipments cover all middle and low terminal transmission, receiving multiuse and interface convert products, and annual-sales overs one-hundred millions RMB. via the development of many years Zhengyou Network & Communication have developed to become one of a few typical high science and technology enterprise in China.



    Powerful R&D

As a high-tech enterprise in the field of optical transmit system and multiple-service access products, Zhengyou has lots of advanced technical personnel in the field of Network and Communication, of who are country experts in Digital Communication, Multi-media communication, IP Network, ASIC design area, And contain many experienced engineers in the field of system analysis, system design and software develop.

  Most of them are under-graduated or post-graduated from famous universities such as Beijing University , TsingHua University . 91.67% employees have bachelor degree or above (this proportion has been certificated by MII). Authorized by MOE, Zhengyou build the training base cooperated with TsingHua postgraduate department, totally 12 postgraduate students had worked for training.  

    Service Idea

Zhengyou hold development idea: “ the industry is based on technical innovation to serve the country.” And service idea: Customer First, Service First, Credit first.


    History Honours

ЦЦDepends on high- tech products and excellent engaging service achievements, ZhengYou passed ISO9001-1994, after the third strictly re-examine, company passed ISO9001-2000 on May 2002. Another achievement included: at 1998, achieved the first one innovation company judged by Beijing Experimental Zone for the Development of New Technology Industries (BEZ). At 1999, achieved TOP 50 industries in Zhong Guan Cun? At 2001 awarded the first of software industriesmany kind of self-developed software had passed examinations. And at same time, awarded exemption from inspection by Hai Dian hi-tech industrial experimental Zone and advanced group at the examination of science and technology resources.


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