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  ZY MSAP 155


The ZY-MSAP155 realized the dream that combines the PDH and SDH as unity. This remote terminal of platform could supply Zhengyou S -series PDH, PDH-MSTP, SDH and Data transceiver, and host chassis is ZY-MSAP155. The ZY-MSAP155 can achieves time slot intersection based on 2M and 64k(DXC), combined PDH and SDH advantages together, which the PDH have advantage of low-cost and easy allocation, SDH have function of concentration, assigning and powerful protection.




ZY-MSAP155 adopts SDH techniques to realize multi-services such as PDH, PDH-MSTP, STM-1, E1, V35, 10Base and so on. The maximal payload capacity can realize the total quantity of 126 E1 channels to assemble. Up-linking two standard optic fiber interfaces with STM-1. So using scheme of STM-1, it's only across optical fiber when system connect to backbone network of SDH.


The advantages Not only save the 2M lines, DDF shelf and the space of machinery room, but also can reduce the ratio of fault segments and the running cost, enhance the response speed.


ЦЦZY-MSAP155 has many species of outlying (remote) connecting terminal Unit (TU), for example: All the S-series PDH-MSTP, ELAN series, ZYEQ-155MS SDH can be used as the remote connecting TU.


Using the full bi-pass characteristic of S series optical products, ZY-MSAP155 is adjustable at accessing side under the range of the TU capacity. Thereby, realize the function of adjusting the all-direction businesses channels through the network management.






ЦЦMax concentrating 126 E1s.


Max providing 4 optical connector (OC) with STM-1 (two of which provide 1+1 protection) .


Adopt the SDH techniques, holding the function of SDH clock, allowed threelevel DXC functions, including 4×4 STM-1, 2M in the TU cards, and 64K in the DXC board.


ЦЦEnable carry 14 slots for services cards, two of them, which locate in the middle of slots, is use to load MCU for the upper link board. Providing 1+1 protection, switch on the main link modules protect against network or cable filature.


The tributary cards have PDH, PDH-MSTP, STM-1, E1, V35, 10B, and DXC card. PDH and PDH-MSTP card can support adjustable function for every OC of 2M channels.


Centralized network management, adopt SDH protocol of network management, MSAP can use with SDH devices, which are manufactured by ZhengYou, such as ZYEQ-155MS, ZYEQ-622MS. And can manage the function of concentrating, adjusting and protecting in both local and remote terminal.





Adopt 6U in high chassis, providing two ?48V hot standby input, separated mode of power supply.


The product mainly used on the edge of access network, and have many businesses connecting on SDH BS (base station).


The MSAP is used to be the intersection point of TU, and let the STM-1 switch on SDH loop network directly, or joint SDH backbone network with optical fiber instead of 2M-line.



it's available to concentrate 123 E1, (the last 3 E1 use for DCC channel with network management). All products made by ZHENGYOU are available in characteristic of connectivity.







Figure 1, ZY-MSAP155 switch on backbone of SDH used by optical fiber connecting


Figure 2, ZY_MSAP155 assembly network which is connected directly to SDH loop network by STM-1 mode.

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